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Clean Water Act

:projects:aki-on-the-oars-o_keefe-meme-1_smaller.jpeg The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers have taken action to ensure that the Clean Water Act continues to protect sensitive headwater streams and wetlands from pollution by releasing a new Clean Water Rule. The new rule needs paddler's support, and American Whitewater encourages you to speak up in support of support clean water!


  1. Contact your Congressional representatives and tell them your stories about why clean water is important to you. We've made it easy for you to do that here!
  2. Share your support of clean water! Share the message with your friends on social media with #CleanWaterRules, #ProtectCleanWater and #4CleanWater. If you prefer, you can also write an op-ed or letter to the editor in support of the rule.
  3. Check our updates and alerts to the right for the latest information.

When commenting, be sure first and foremost to speak personally and share firsthand stories about why clean water is important to you, whether it be about boating, swimming, fishing, drinking water, etc…


Historically, the Clean Water Act protected our nation's headwater streams and wetlands from pollution. Two Supreme Court cases in 2001 and 2006 created uncertainty about which streams and wetlands the Clean Water Act protects. This uncertainty affects over 60% of streams and millions of acres of wetlands across the country. Not only are these the streams that we boat on (and swim in), but this is where 1 in 3 Americans get their drinking water.

In 2014, the EPA and Army Corps proposed the Clean Water Protection Rule to affirm protections of these streams and wetlands. As this rule makes its way through the public process, some in Congress are doing all they can to delay or stop the rule completely. If they succeed, these sensitive streams and wetlands will remain at continued risk.


  • Protecting headwater streams, creeks and wetlands means healthier rivers downstream. Science shows that headwater streams and wetlands are connected to what's downstream.
  • Over 117 million Americans get their drinking water from sources fed by streams that are vulnerable to pollution created by the regulatory uncertainty.
  • These same streams offer world-class recreation opportunities that improve the quality of life and economic viability for countless communities.
  • Healthy headwater streams and wetlands are essential for flood protection and fish and wildlife.
  • Clean water is vitally important for a strong economy and healthy businesses.


For more information, visit EPA's website about the proposed rule.

Also, check out this video from the EPA about what the proposed rule does, and this article about the importance of clean water for business.

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